Faculty & Staff Directory

Karen Abbett, Professor, Practical Nursing
Robin Nelson Adams, Admissions and Records/Registration Team
Janett Alexander, Faculty Secretary, Daniel Campus
Linda G. Allen, IT Specialist, Network Services
Buffy Allgood , Regional Adult Education Program Manager
Debra Andrews, Recruiter - Apprenticeship Coordinator - Adjunct Faculty
Dexter Andrews, Associate Professor of Electronics
Erica Andrews, Education Support Specialist, Southside Education Ctr, Emporia
Patricia Archer, Associate Professor Practical Nurse Program
Melissa Arthur, Professor, School of Practical Nursing
Thelma Atkins-Riley, Professor, Practical Nursing
Lisa Back, Assistant Professor of Biology
Sandra Hatcher Bacon, Financial Aid Specialist
Kelley Barnes-Watt, Assistant Professor of Information Technology
Lisa Barton, ABE/GED Adjunct Teacher
Bernadette Bern Battle, Counselor/Adjunct Instructor
Kristen Beekwilder, Biology Instructor
Richard A. Bell, Assistant Professor of English
Eddie Bennett, Building and Grounds Superintendent
Kellie Bishop, Education Support Specialist
Robert Blackwell, Groundskeeper
Adrienne Blanks, Director of the PN Program, Farmville Center
Ashton Bozo, Cashier - Christanna Campus
David Braun, Assistant Professor of Welding
Vincent A. Brown, Assistant Professor of Technology
Sydney Brumbelow, Education Support Specialist, Financial Aid
Debbie Campbell, Administrative Program Specialist II
David P. Canning, Physical Plant
Steve Capon, Maintenance Worker
Detra Carr, Truck Driving Training
Lydia Chappell-Ramsey, Daniel Campus Network Services
Gary Cifers, Education Support Specialist and Computer Instructor
Betty Clarke, Associate Professor of AST
Terry Clarke, Associate Professor of Electricity/Electronics
Leslie Cline, Instructor, Theatre, Speech and Humanities
Ronnie Cole, Instructor, High Performance Technology
Natalie Coronas, Coordinator of Off-Campus Instruction