Placement Testing


Test taking graphicCounselors need to find out what courses are appropriate for your present skill level. In other words, they need to know your abilities in writing, reading and math.

The VPT (Virginia Placement Test) is required of all students unless you have already completed course work in English and/or mathematics. Placement testing helps to ensure your success. The test results are immediate, accurate, and fair.

  • The test for English and math is given Mondays-Thursdays at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  • An appointment is required for the placement test.  Please call 434-949-1067 to schedule for the Alberta Campus. Please call 434-736-2022 for the Keysville Campus. Contact the campus closest to you for a testing appointment at other locations.

VPT BrochurePreparing for the Test

It is suggested that you take the VPT Practice Test prior to taking the VPT for course placement. An online practice test is available here. Use the directions below to access the online version. (A print version of the math section of the practice test is shown below.)

• From the dropdown menu "Institution," select "VCCS Practice Test Institution."
• Under "Site," select "VCCS Practice Test."
• The Site password is "Virginiapt".
• Continue filling in the form. Note the items marked * must be completed.
• In the right column, you MUST enter your student ID number preceded by svcc. And you must use your personal E-mail address. (When you take the ACTUAL test, you will not use the "svcc" before your student ID and you will use your SVCC E-mail address)

If you are unsure as to taking just practice test-1 or both practice tests, please check with a counselor. See below for a VPT-Math practice test (It is available in two different formats).



Here are some online resources for reviewing mathematics skills.


In addition, there are other resources in the "Tutorials" section of the Library website.

 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Tests

Q. What if I fail the test?

A. You cannot fail. Your test results simply tell us what courses you will need to succeed.

Q. Are the scores part of my permanent record?

A. Yes. They are entered so that your counselor and advisor can use them for registration purposes.

Q. How long is the Placement Test?

A. It varies. On average it takes approximately one to two hours to complete the test.

Q. Do I have to pay a fee to take the Placement Test?

A. No, there is no cost to you for taking the test.

Q. Why must I take the test?

A. It helps you to go into the courses that are right for you.