Business Technology - Information Systems Technology

The Information Systems Technology degree introduces students to a very broad field that includes many Information Technology (IT) sectors such as hardware, software, networking, web design, programming, information security, and computer installation, repair, troubleshooting, and support. This curriculum is designed to prepare the student for entry-level employment in this rapidly expanding field.

Business Technology - Administrative Support Technology - Legal Specialization

This curriculum is designed to provide specialized administrative support technology education in the legal field. It is recommended for students interested in a professional career as a legal assistant to an attorney or judge; assistant in a legal office of a corporation, of a university, or of an insurance company; or for employment with municipal, state and federal government agencies.

Certificate: General Business

The curriculum consists of general education courses, basic core courses and electives which allow the student to concentrate in general business, small business management, or supervisory development. The program is designed to provide students with a broad, professional knowledge of business theory and practice.

Business Technology - Business Management

The curriculum includes technical courses in business management, general education and electives. Instruction includes both the theoretical concepts and practical applications needed for success in business management. Students are urged to consult their faculty advisor or a counselor for assistance in planning their programs and selecting electives. Courses within this curriculum may be applied to a four-year program at the discretion of the admitting institution.

Transfer Degree: Business Administration

The associate of arts and sciences degree program is designed for students who plan to transfer to four-year colleges or universities to complete baccalaureate degree programs. For students interested in four-year business degrees, the Business Administration AA&S degree provides core business courses, while the flexibility of the electives within SVCC’s Transfer Degree allows students to select courses to meet the transfer requirements of the four-year institution to which they plan to transfer.

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