Student Success in Online Learning Training

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Taking a cyber course is a big decision. Participating in a cyber course is very different from a seated course. Discussion boards, email, online chats, online tests/quizzes, submitting assignments in Blackboard...all of these can be components of your online course. Participation, self-motivation, and competency with technology are all important factors as well.

The following training opportunities are to help you become better prepared for working in an online course. Come to one or is up to your schedule and your needs.  You do not need to sign-up, just show-up at the location noted for the day and time you would like to attend.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions and get some assistance with Blackboard. When you attend the training, make sure that you know you user id and password. Go to and try logging in to make sure that everything is working properly at least a couple of days before the training.  If you have difficulties logging in, send an email to or call 434-736-2059 requesting assistance.

 There are two online sessions (webinars) scheduled for the Spring semester (see * below), but you should only sign-up for an online session if you are comfortable with technology and working in this format.  We encourage you to attend an in-person session, but if you are unable to do so due to scheduling and location, the strictly online sessions are available.  In these live, webinars, you can learn more about our online program at Southside and ask questions.  

The link below will take you to the meeting room used for our online webinars (see schedule below).  Although the room is open all of the time, no one will be available in the meeting room until the time of the session.  

Online Meeting Room for Webinars

If you are unable to attend any of these sessions noted below, we also offer an online, self-paced, orientation to online learning that you can complete on your own time.   You just need a computer, tablet, or other mobile device and an internet connection.

Spring 2016 Upcoming Training Opportunities

January 12th

January 15th

January 19th

January 20th





Rm 21-Keysville

Rm B46- Alberta

Rm B46- Alberta

Rm 21- Keysville

February 2nd*

February 8th

February 10th





Rm C18- Alberta

Rm 21- Keysville

March 2nd*

March 16th

March 18th





Rm 22- Keysville

Rm B47- Alberta