From the President

Dr. Cavan, College President

Southside Virginia Community College, a comprehensive community college, has been providing quality education to the people of Southside Virginia for 40 years through a wide range of post-secondary programs which includes university parallel, technical, vocational and community service programs. Recognized throughout the Commonwealth for the leadership it has provided in the development of innovative programs, the college takes pride in its community-based education approach to meeting the needs of service area constituents. This can be demonstrated by the college's unique and highly successful Honors Program, its Wrenn Campus Without Walls in Emporia, its Gender Equity Programs, its Center for Economic Development, its Dual Enrollment Program, its involvement in the Southside Governor's School and Southside Area Health Education Center, and its leadership in the development of the Virginia Master Teachers' Seminar.

Southside Virginia Community College is a dynamic institution, always developing and changing to meet the new and challenging needs of a complex society. Our future is interwoven with the development of our community; as our service area communities grow, so will we. Through its participation with the community, the college will play an even greater role in the development of the business and intellectual community of Southside Virginia. We are truly a college of and by the community.

The college is proud of the quality instruction it can provide to a very diverse constituency. A member of the League for Innovation in Community Colleges, the college has a teaching staff of highly professional educators who have as their major focus the success of their students within a holistic environment. They develop the intellectual, emotional, and physical realms of their students and give them coping mechanisms for success in a chosen profession and in life. Small classes and a friendly atmosphere provide a setting that will help students realize their full human potential. As the college works through its faculty to develop its most precious resource, the human resource, our community will grow and prosper because of the skills and talents developed in the educational environment.

John J. Cavan President

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