Southside Community Virginia Community College International Education

Study Abroad Policy


First, this is a student-centered academic program, and the academic integrity must be maintained at all times.  Our tour guides serve as experts in their fields, and they are utilized to help provide the academic component to our trip. Without their expertise, it would be impossible to see and understand all the hidden secrets of a country. Our tour guide is available to us the whole time we are in a country. The price is based on a student rate; therefore, we stay in three star hotels only.

Second, everyone participating in the Study Abroad Program is required to make a $50 or more tax deductible contribution to the International Study Abroad Scholarship Fund before he/she can travel with the college.

Third, while there will be many opportunities for shopping, travelers should keep in mind the primary focus is on student learning and experiences.

Fourth, all travelers must be physically fit to keep up with the group without assistance from group members. There is a lot of walking on these trips.

Fifth, all travelers must be citizens of the United States and have a valid passport for six months from the date of travel.  A photocopy of your passport needs to be mailed with your initial deposit.

Sixth, everyone is required to send a check made payable to Dr. Percy Richardson for $200 which covers late fee and tips.  The late fee of $100 will be returned at the end of the trip providing there are no deductions. Failure to submit these funds will result in your initial deposit being returned.

Seventh, those traveling with minors are the designated guardian of these minors and are responsible for them at all times.

Eighth, NO COMPLAINING!! Those who do complain will be asked to stop.  Continuing to complain will result in your being taken to the airport for your return trip home. In addition, you forfeit all rights to a refund.



Remember, We Are Guest in Someone Else’s HOME!