Licensed Practical Nurses Transition to Registered Nursing

    • LPNs must successfully complete all pre-requisite courses to be eligible for admission. Some classes (BIO 231/232, ITE 115) have time limit requirements. See general requirements for these time limits.
    • LPNs must meet with a counselor to review pre-requisites for BIO 231/232. Additional math and science background is required beyond what is required for Practical Nursing.
    • LPNS must take the Nursing pre-entrance exam, the ATI-Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), if they have not already taken it and scored at least the pre-ADN minimal scores of ~64% correct overall and ~67% correct in math. Scores are good for 5 years.
      • LPNs with an active Virginia license and who are working in healthcare are eligible for extra points toward admission with a letter of reference from a current or recent supervisor. This form is available with the application.
        • Licensed Practical Nurses who meet program admissions requirements may qualify to receive advanced placement in the nursing program as follows: LPNs may qualify for NUR 115, which is classroom only. Labs and clinicals associated with NUR 111 would not be required for students who qualify for NUR 115. Qualification for NUR 115 for LPNs is based upon their educational background and assessment of clinical skills after acceptance into the ADN program. After acceptance, LPNs wishing to challenge the lab and clinical portion of NUR 111 must take a clinical skills test (written test) to help measure qualification to take NUR 115 instead of NUR 111.
          • Accepted nursing students who are LPNs must complete NUR 226 along with NUR 111 or 115.