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Fall 2016 Exam Schedule

The last day of classes is Friday, December 9, 2016. Final examination days are Saturday, December 10, 2016 through Friday, December 16, 2016 in your current room. Examination periods are two hours in length (1-1/2 hour exam time, 30 minutes break). Night classes (those which meet at 4:00 PM or later) will have their final examinations during exam week on their usual day of the week.

All Saturday classes will have their exam on Saturday, December 10.

Community Is Our Middle Name

We are Southside Virginia Community College. “Southside Virginia” describes the geographic area we serve. “College” explains our function as an institution of postsecondary education. But “Community” is what characterizes our mission. Community stands at the core of our purpose and in the middle of our name. Community binds the people and places of our region together as we share our lives, our challenges, and our dreams.

Showcase Recipients

During the recent Virginia Community Colleges Association meeting held at Wintergreen, four members of the Southside Virginia Community College staff and faculty were recognized as Showcase Recipients.  This award recognizes hard work and dedication to their individual colleges and the overall mission of the Virginia Community College System. 

Power Line Worker Program Graduates 19

Southside Virginia Community College recently graduated 19 members of the second class of the Power Line Worker Program. Those who completed the 11-week program earn Level 1 certification from the NCCER (National Center for Construction Education & Research), a commercial driver’s license, first aid & CPR certification and core safety training mandated by the department of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).


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