Creative Problem Solving Seminar

Creative Problem Solving Seminar

Event Date: 
Mar 18, 2014 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

About this Seminar
The ability to creatively solve problems allows people to continuously improve their work processes and eliminate stumbling blocks to their performance and satisfaction at work. This workshop covers a step-by-step problem solving process, from defining the problem to creatively identifying necessary solutions. These techniques typically fit well into organizations’ existing problem solving philosophies or may help individuals define their own approach.

Who Should Attend
Individuals and intact teams looking for a straightforward process for systematically tackling everyday problems, as well as long-term problems.

You Will Learn
After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:
• map a work process, in order to uncover inappropriate, inefficient, or redundant steps
• generate more creative ideas
• prioritize options
• make decisions by employing a thinking process that easily combines and thoroughly examines emotions, information, logic, hope, and creativity
• create and then focus a team on a specific, shared problem definition
• identify and organize the root causes of your problems
• use data to determine the frequency and impact of your problem’s root causes
• identify creative problem solutions and action plans
• strategically plan for how you will roll out your solution, planning for both helping and hindering forces

Dr. Bob Kenney

Cost: $25

Southside Virginia Education Center
1300 Greensville County Circle
Angela McClintock
Phone Number: 
(434) 949-1026
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