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Occupational Technical Center, Blackstone, Virginia 23824

National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation, Virginia's only ASE Certified Program.

The Diesel Technician Program is designed to fill a void for the individual who wants career training in this field, but lacks the time and/or resources required by commercial schools for formal programs. It will prepare students for entry level employment as diesel technicians and graduates with skill and knowledge to progress quickly from trainee to fully-productive status in a relatively short time. The benefits are enormous for graduates as well as companies in desperate need of technicians who can assume higher-level responsibilities. The need for technicians continues to grow as the demand for the transport of people and materials, along with construction utilizing heavy equipment, increases. Crossover opportunities exist in the automotive, truck, and heavy equipment mechanic fields for those who complete diesel technician training.


The training is a career studies certificate program and consists of 28 credit hours over the course of two semesters. The curriculum is currently geared toward instructing in the repair and maintenance of diesel engine powered vehicles (cars,trucks, heavy equipment) including preventive maintenance techniques; diagnosing/troubleshooting; assembly/disassembly of engines, electronic fuel systems, power trains; diagnostic and other essential skills to perform required tasks. Heavy emphasis is placed on electronic diagnostic tools required to meet the changing needs of the electronic systems in today's equipment.

Location and Cost

Located in south central Virginia approximately 50 miles south of Richmond. Quiet rural setting. Approximately two miles from Blackstone. Classes will be held at 1041 West 10th Street, Pickett Park, Fort Pickett, Blackstone, VA in Nottoway County.  Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.  Need help with financial aid? Call us at 800-228-7822.

Lodging is available at Fort Pickett. Daily rates are available. Rates may vary slightly. Meals available on Post and nearby Blackstone. On base lodging is provided based on availability.

Reserve your space! 434-298-0366 or Billeting 434-292-2443

Total In-state 28 Credits - $4165.00

In-state Tuition Per Credit $145.00
1st Semester 14 Credits Total $2082.50
2nd Semester 14 Credits Total $2082.50

Training manuals additional cost. Most material provided by Southside Virginia Community College.

Out-of-State rates: $345.35 per credit. 28 credits $9,669.80

Training program is divided into 2 semesters. 

Training sessions for 2016-2017

         (Start at the beginning of any session.)

Fall 2016 :  August 22, 2016 - December 15, 2016

Spring 2017 :   January 9, 2017 - May 7, 2017

Summer 2017 :  May, 2017 - July, 2017 

Actual dates will be posted when the schedule is confirmed.

All of us know that today's vehicles and technicians are overwhelmed with electronics.  We do our very best here at SVCC DTP to make sure that electric/electronic training continues to be our number one priority. All major components on today's vehicles are managed or run by electronics. From classroom basics, simulator, software training, scan tool and scope we are prepared to provide our students with the best of the best in training.

Start at the beginning of any semester.


Summer 2016, Spring 2017 (14 credit hours each Semester)

DSL 131 Diesel Fuel Systems and Tune-Up (4 CR)

Teaches maintenance, adjustment, testing, and general repair of the typical fuel injection components used on non-automotive diesel engines.  Includes engine and fuel system tune-up procedures and troubleshooting using current diagnostic equipment.  Common rail, MEUI and HEUI systems.

DSL 181 Diesel Mechanics I - II (6 CR)

Studies basic internal engine, including cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshaft, and pistons. Studies fuel injection systems, fuel pumps, injector and nozzles (including new HEUI), preventive maintenance and troubleshooting. Student training on micrometers, bore gauge and other sensitive measuring devices. Repair/parts manuals are available for use in either electronic or paper.

MEC 103 Electronic Circuits and Instrumentation (4 CR)

Covers electronic circuits, devices, instrumentation and basic communications, DC and AC theory, introduction to power supplies, amplifiers, and measurement devices. Hands-on training provided on computer and electrical simulators. Individuals create projects on training boards.


Fall 2016, Summer 2017 (14 credit hours each Semester)

DSL 152 Diesel Power Trains, Chassis, and Suspension (4 CR)

Studies the chassis, suspension, steering, and brake systems found on medium/heavy duty diesel trucks. Covers construction features, operating principles and service procedures for such power train components as clutches, multi-speed transmissions, propeller shafts and rear axles on trucks. Training on suspension; roller frames, final drives and like components on track-type equipment.

DSL 160 Air Brake Systems (3 CR)

Studies the basic operational theory of pneumatic and air brake systems as used in heavy-duty and public transportation vehicles. Covers various air control valves, test system components, and advanced air system schematics. Teaches proper service and preventive maintenance of systems.

DSL 161 Air Brake Systems 1 ((2 CR)

Studies the basic operational theory of pneumatic and air brake systems used in public transportation vehicles. Covers various air control valves, air and test system components, and advanced air system schematics.

DSL 195 Microcomputers for Diesel Technicians (1 CR)

Teaches fundamental skills of computer operation. Examines hardware (processor, keyboard, disk drives, and printers) and operating systems. Learn to diagnose equipment using numerous scan tools, order parts, fill out work orders and store information for future testing. Training on palm, desktop, laptop and various makes of scan tools.

MEC 175 Fundamental Shop Procedures and Internal Combustion Engine (4 CR)

Introduces the practical use and care of tools, shop equipment and pullers, use of service manuals and parts catalogs, and safety. Includes introduction to the design, operation, testing, and service procedures of the internal combustion engine.


Schedule:   Summer 2016 and Spring 2017

Class Schedule
DSL 131 Diesel Fuel Systems & Tune-Up Mon - Th 8:00 - 3:30 PM

DSL 181 Diesel Mechanics I & II

Mon - Th 8:00 - 3:30 PM

  MEC 103 Electronic Circuits & Instrumentation                                                                    Mon - Th 8:00 - 3:30 PM

Spring 2016 and Summer 2017

Class Schedule
DSL 152 Diesel Power Trains, Chassis & Suspension Mon - Th 8:00 - 3:30 PM
DSL 160 Air Brake Systems

Mon - Th 8:00 - 3:30 PM

DSL 161 Air Brake Systems I

DSL 195 Micro Computers for Diesel Technicians

MEC 175 Fundament Shop Procedures and Internal Combustion Engines


Mon - Th 8:00 - 3:30 PM


Mon - Th 8:00 - 3:30 PM


Mon - Th 8:00 - 3:30 PM




    Summer Semester days and hours are Mon-Th 8:00 - 5:00 PM




Southside Virginia Community College
Diesel Technician Program

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Russell Hicks

ASE Master Truck Technician

Billy McGraw


ASE Truck Technician

Bryan Lewis
Instructional Assistant
ASE Master Truck Technician

Josh Smith

Instructional Assistant

ASE Truck Technician & ASE Master Automotive

Our program has fantastic contributors not only in equipment, but in knowledge. We are able to maintain a training level current with the needs of the industry. Individuals are allowed to learn at their speed. Each training day will consist of students working at many different work stations. Students help each other learn!

Useful Websites

  • Brighter Ideas:   Read about the finest multi-meter attachment. It is a major tool in our daily training.  Dan Sullivan is also offering training for instructors in electro-hydraulics.  Visit that site for more information.

May thanks to Carter Machinery, our local Caterpillar dealer and Cummins Atlantic for all the great support and training items they have donated.