Career Pathways: Career Coaches

All public high schools in the Southside Virginia Community College service area have a part-time Career Coach. Career Coaches work in high schools to assist and motivate students to graduate from high school and counselingenroll in postsecondary education and training for successful transition to the skilled workforce.

Career Coaches can provide assistance in the development of a student’s career pathway plan as well as support in the college application process; financial aid application; scholarship acquisition; career exploration; and assistance with planning for dual enrollment.

For assistance from your high school Career Coach contact:

• Greensville
   Buck Brockwell
   (434) 632-2195

• Halifax

• Nottoway
   Katherine Locke
   (434) 292-7218

• Park View

• Prince Edward
   Melissa Colbert
   (434) 315 2136

• Randolph Henry
   Katherine Locke
   (434) 542-4111

• Amelia
   Angela Pulliam-Jones
   (804) 561-2101

• Bluestone
   Mona Rainey
   (434) 372-5177

• Brunswick
   Krisha Jones
   (434) 848-6303

• Buckingham
   Tina Maxey
   (434) 969-6160

• Central
   Melissa Colbert
   (434) 696-2137

• Cumberland
    Howard Paras
   (804) 492-4212