Using Blackboard at Southside Virginia Community College

Current Version: Blackboard 9.1 (Specifically Service Pack 9)

Blackboard is the learning management system used by the entire Virginia Community College System. It works with both PC and Mac computers, but you should make sure that you are utilizing a browser and operating system that are certified (if possible) by Blackboard. NOTE: Cookies and JAVA Script must be enabled within the Web browser.

As far as web browsers go, we currently recommend that student and instructors utilize the current version of Mozilla Firefox. We have found that users experience fewer problems using Firefox over the other available browsers.

Accessing Blackboard

  • Go to the college website and clck the MySVCC link on the left side and log-in to your MySVCC page. There is a link to Blackboard from that page.
  • Go directly to MySVCC bypassing the college site, log-in, click on the Blackboard link.
  • Go directly to Blackboard bypassing the MySVCC page and log-in.

User Name and Password

When you access Blackboard, you generally do so through your MySVCC page. Even if you go directly to Blackboard, the user name and password is the same as what you utilize to access MySVCC. MySVCC User Name and Password Information

Software and Plug-Ins

Some software plug-ins may need to be installed on your computer depending on the course content. Here are a few examples:

  • Acrobat Reader – Allows you to view PDF files.
  • Apple QuickTime – Allows you to play online audio and video content.
  • Flash Player – Allow you to view some embedded multimedia files.
  • Java – Many tools in Blackboard requires Java to run.
  • Silverlight – An alternative to Flash Player, allows you to view some embedded multimedia files.
  • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Viewer – Allow you to view Microsoft's Word, Excel and PowerPoint files if you do not own the programs. Do NOT install if you already have these programs on your computer.

Additional Resources

Blackboard Support